October 11, 2008

Photo of the day, Saturday, 10/11/08

We had an awesome time up at our shooting day. It was great weather, great food and the boys were in pretty good spirits. Of course, not without some disconcert, they are teens after all.

Friday night was awesome. We got there in time to set up our tents in the daylight, and yet by the time we finished dinner it was full dark We could see Venus rising and since we were so far north, we could see tons of other stars. One of the guys brought out a telescope and we all had a chance to look at the moon. It was so bright that it almost hurt my eye.

The night was one of those really quickly cooling deals that led to a very heavy dew at full dark. You know, the kind where you wonder if it's raining. One of the other boys was so distracted with the events of the day that he lost his coat. He was pretty chilly and I don't think he warmed up until mid afternoon the next day.

Here's my youngest shooter, Spencer. He did a great job he boldly went to the rifle range, not once, but twice. As you can see, he's got a good eye for shooting.

Have a great day!


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