November 21, 2008

Photo of the day, Friday

Good evening! I hope that ya'll have had as good a week as I have. I've been to Boston, where they tend to speak very east coast. I have had some fun with that, though, I did try to keep it low key while I was actually there.

Early this morning I was requested/demanded to be at my customer's site to get things moving along on a very critical project, I went and we got it done. Not a lot of fun, but it needed to be done. I thought I'd be there for an hour or so, Ha! At 12:30 they took me to the cafeteria for lunch. I cajoled and coerced the guys to use the data that we provided to complete a critical (to them) step in the design process to no avail, they would create it themselves. Yep it was going to be a long day. I was back at my own desk by 4:3o in the afternoon.

Question: How can you tell if you are being successful?

It's many different ways to many different people, but for me, I can tell when one of my customers, a guy that I've been working with for 6 years, tells me first that a divorce is coming his way, or when a co-worker looks to me for direction on a project that you're not involved with, or when one of your boys walks up and hugs you, for no apparent reason. All of those happened today, but I am still struggling with the concept that I could succeed. Then I felt a thump on my forehead and realized that God believed in me too. It was subtle, but effective, if you know what I mean.

Here's an interesting picture. Ian took the shot using my long arm technique. I told him that he couldn't accomplish it and there you go, he succeeded. I would like to point out that my arm is longer and so, I usually get even more in focus when I take a shot. Yet, with that all said and done, with this shot, I think that he's on the right track.

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