November 20, 2008

Photo of the day, Thursday

Back to work and so back to meetings. I seem to get so bogged down with meetings that I just cant seem to do actual work. I tried to work in the car while we drove to a customer meeting and it was only half successful, otherwise we were chatting.

I was really tired today, I got home about 1 in the morning. Yes, travel is very glamorous. Although I did meet some nice people and actually talked with some folks from Massachusetts that we're too obnoxious. My apologies to anyone from there, I've just met some pretty tough characters from there, almost as bad as some of the Michigan fans I've come across.

Monday night I missed the boys Court of Honor. They had made First Class Rank the last few weeks and so they were awarded their badges. Spencer also picked up his finger printing badge. The shot is from the Court of Honor. Ian is turned sideways, near the center and Spencer is on the right. Mrs. Newman is the Advancement Chair.
Have a great day!

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