November 22, 2008

Photo of the day, Saturday

This morning I went to my Men's group and I'll tell you, the economy is leaking into nearly every conversation anymore. What the government should do about the Automakers made for some lively debates at 7AM.

It was really chilly here today. We went out and did some errands in the afternoon and we noticed that several ponds were iced over already. Wow, I hope we get some snow before the freeze goes too deep into the ground.

The boys and I played Up Words today. It's kind of like scrabble, except the board is smaller and you can cover old letters and create new words. I discovered that they knew how to challenge and how to look up my more creative words. It's a harder concept than it sounds and I was pleased that the boys lasted as long as they did. I got down to one tile at the end, the letter Z, Ian was holding 3 N's and Spencer was stuck with the X and few other bad tiles. It was fun to watch them plot out their next move only to have someone steal the spot, oh the groans.

Holly had a video series that she needed to watch tonight so the boys and messed around. We started out with the guitars. My guitar is an acoustic that has a nice wide neck to make it easier for a guy with fat fingers. Ian has an electric guitar and so he brought that up. Then Ian and I taught ourselves the main riff, or lead guitar part, for Smoke on the Water. Pretty easy really, but it was lots of fun. Once I had it down, Ian wanted to have me play it on the electric and so once I did he went crazy with the camera, here are three shots that seemed pretty good. A "Guitar Hero", I am not.

Have a great day!

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Holly said...

I can tell by his work that Ian watched Ryan's video on photography skills.