November 16, 2008

Photo of the day, Sunday

Snow already? Yep, it snowed here last night and today. On the way to church is was the really big fluffy flakes and on the way home it was more sleety. No wonder the Eskimos have some many different words for snow.

Anyway, it seems early, but the deer hunters thought it was OK, I guess it works better to hunt in the snow, not really sure why, but as long as they're happily in the woods, I guess it's good enough for me. Me, I have never been a hunter and really don't see the draw. I enjoy spending time in the woods walking along and seeing what's going on, but to sit in a stand for hours, waiting for the shot, well, I'd rather just head to Meijer and pick up a steak for the grill.

I am heading to Boston for the Green Build Expo and Conference. Our industry is near the leading edge on some of this and I need to make sure that I can speak to it as well as position our company to adopt as many practices as possible. I have never been a true tree hugger, but I really want to leave the boys something that is a bit less damaged than what we have right now.

Here's a couple shots of the back deck. Brrr, and I like winter.

Have a great day!

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