December 31, 2008

Photo of the day, Wednesday

Happy New Year!

If you ready Holly's blog, you'll know that we are spending this evening and quite a bit of tomorrow morning with the boys from Troop 282. An all night video game marathon. Not really my cup of tea, but the boys are really jazzed about it and since it's our first year I felt compelled to volunteer to be one of the chaperone's. Since the boys and are going to be gone all night Holly decided to join us. Maybe next year a different new parent will watch the boys and Holly and I can do something adult for New Years 2010, like get to bed right after the ball drops. ;-)

In honor of Tom's Birthday, here's a montage of photos that I had handy. The kitchen shots show that he's a great cook. The dog shot shows that his loyalties used to be with a different dog than his current favorite that has slightly lizard breath. In all, these show that Tom's been a great add to our somewhat deranged family. Again, Happy Birthday Tom!

Have a great day!

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