January 1, 2009

Photo of the day, Thursday

A new year.

Good bye old worries, good bye old cares, good bye to those things that didn't go so well.

Out with the old!

In with the new!

A new year means we get a new start. Hello opportunity, hello new acquaintances, hello to challenges. Its' a chance to do better. A chance to help our fellow man. What say we try? One life at a time is all it takes to make an impact! I'm in, can you tell? How about you?

My brother had some interesting observations today that can be read here. While he doesn't write as often as I do, I think his writing is more succinct and a bit clearer than mine. Stop at his site, read his stuff, and leave him a note. It's pretty easy really.

Our dear friends, the Sprecher's, came to visit today. We dined in style at, (are you ready?) The Corner Bar, in quaint downtown Rockford. It was so good to see Kevin and Cil and to see how well things are going for them. Aanika is cuter than ever. At first I felt sorry for Kevin for having a cute daughter and having to defend her. But as I reflect on it, and her, I am pretty sure that the up bringing that she is undergoing will keep her safer than you would think possible. No photo, I had the camera out, but didn't feel obnoxious enough to play paparazzi. You'll need to look back to my post from last year.

From last night we have a shot of the set up before the lights went out. You do realize that you can't properly game if the lights are left on! You don't? OK, I didn't get it either.

Have a great day!


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