January 18, 2009

Photo of the day, Sunday

Happy Sunday!

I met Holly's main Physical Therapist today. Cara is a pretty sensible task master. She loved all the detail that I provided to help her determine the equipment needed for when Holly comes home. Additionally, she was really impressed with the progress that Holly was able to get in just a few days. She's thinking that as soon as all the equipment is in place, ramps, wheel chair and that kind of stuff, it's time to go home. Maybe even as soon as Wednesday! That would be so awesome.

I had a nice visit with Holly today. The boys weren't too interested in going down so I went by myself and I was with her for another therapy session and as I mentioned, had a chance to meet Cara. I carried in the mail for her and we sat in one of the visiting rooms and we decided what to keep and what to throw. I was pretty sure, but it's good to have the finance person review before shredding.

We also began talking about a replacement vehicle. Holly's was the family car, my little Ford Focus is just a commuter car, the boys don't really like the car very much. Not sure where we're going to land, but we're sure it won't be smaller and it won't be foreign. We don't need it for her right away, but we do need it for the family. Good thing Uncle Larry is a car guy and can help us find a good safe car.

I have a Shout Out to Thom Edmundson. Thom is the husband of our friend Cindy and he has just cleared 12 weeks smoke free! Way to Go Thom!!!! I know how hard that is. Here's Thom and Cindy looking spiffy.

Have a great day!

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