January 20, 2009

Photo of the day, Tuesday

She's Home! I went to Mary Free Bed and was trained on how to manage curbs, stairs, cars, wheelchair maintenance and general stuff. Then we talked about how I needed to help Holly. Mary Free Bed is a pretty cool place and it was fun to see how well she was doing, but it's really great to have her home again. We already did a minor tweak in her new bedroom and I think it's going to be OK. Ian and Holly are watching TV tonight, Spencer's upstairs studying for the state Geography Bee preliminary test and I am in puttering mode. You know, where you putter about doing stuff in a random fashion until you feel that you've made enough of an impact.

Today's photos are of Holly and the boys on our new ramp. Ian is chomping at the bit to try out the action on a skate board. Yep, it pretty much fills the garage, even my little car won't fit. The last shot shows Ian's impression of a troll.

They finally gave us the word on the car and it's been totalled. On the way home Holly and I talked about options for a new family car and we think we know what we want. We even drove through a Chevy/GM dealer's lot to get a better idea of size. I'll be calling Larry tomorrow to see what he thinks.

Have a great day!

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