January 19, 2009

Photo of the day, Monday

Praise God! Holly's coming home tomorrow! She has done so well with Therapy, always taking the hardest task and mastering it, that she's being released from Mary Free Bed tomorrow! Now, I guess I better get going on getting the house ready. Just kidding, a great friend barged in and helped get us started over the weekend and we are ready. Well, I guess they still need to construct a ramp in my garage. But they assure me that it will be ready by tomorrow afternoon. It's starting to move really fast again, I hope we can catch up someday.

Here's Holly in a much warmer setting than we have outside the house today. This is an older shot fro when I first created the sitting bench for her using the trunk of a tree that I felled with my bare hands and a pretty nifty chain saw. I even leveled out the bench with the chain saw.

I have heard that my Nephew Taylor has landed in his final destination in Iraq. I would love to have a bunch of us send him a letter, if you're up for the challenge email me and I'll send along the mailing address. I'd rather not blast that out.

That's enough for tonight, thanks for the prayers!
And have a great day!

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Yah Hooo! Cindy