January 22, 2009

Photo of the day, Thursday

First things first, Holly Update!

She had an appointment to have stitches removed, x-rays re-shot and we'd scheduled a meeting with our case manager. Here's what we got out of the session:
  • Leg wounds look great, healing nicely. Stitches came out and didn't hurt me a bit. Holly winced a few times, but we talked her into being tougher.
  • X-ray of the leg was great, you could actually see where the bone was building up, Awesome!
  • X-ray of the collar bone, not so great, it's become very dislodged and we don't see how it can heal without some intervention. Intervention would mean in some circles, surgery with plates and screws to get it all back in alignment. Dr. has the last word, we'll have to wait until next Tuesday to hear back. We'll keep you posted.
  • Case manager is an awesome assist for us and a pretty cool person, best of all she knows how to cut through the insurance issues and can explain what's going on to us non medical types. She really helped me figure out what to write in the insurance forms. Somehow she works for us, but gets paid by the insurance company, we're still trying to figure out why that makes financial sense to an insurance company.
  • Nurse Sharon was awesome, great sense of humor, great practical advice, loved her.
Car saga continues. The tank that I thought would be best was a bit too pricey, so we're still looking, but we have time, we don't have the check from them for totaling the car yet and we really do need that for a decent down payment. Not for sure, but we're thinking Chevrolet Traverse, great crash rating, good mileage and lots of fun options. Once again, we'll keep you posted. (Hey, that's kind of funny considering this is called a post, never mind, it's a geek joke.)

Random thought; Caught Ian riding a bike down the ramp in the garage. At least he had his helmet on.

Tonight I was part of a ruse for a surprise birthday party. It was for the owner's wife and they have been so good to us that I just had to go. Holly understood and sent me on my way. It was a surprise, but the surprise was gone when the woman came home and could see "a man in a tuxedo" in the foyer. She was determined that she wasn't going to go in, but the daughters forcibly drug her into the house. The guy in the tux was a singer, actually a Frank Sinatra impersonator named Paul Salas and as soon as the door opened we cheered and the show started. For those in the know Paul nearly made the finals for the TV show, "America's Got Talent". It was a pretty good party, lots of food, a really cool house and lots of friendly people. Only trouble was, I had to tell our Holly story many times. Oh well, they only ask if they care and they did care.

Have a great day!

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