August 14, 2009

Freaky Friday!

Yesterday I broke my glasses, well, the bow is all. And, it was from fatigue, yeah, yeah, fatigue. I didn't hit a wall or get punched or anything like that. Anyway, I went and saw Dr. B. over lunch and I took my old glasses, my broken glasses and a credit card. While my eyes haven't changed much, my charge account sure did today. I'll be styling pretty soon, though I'll be missing the old frame style. The cool thing was that they were able to take all the parts and make me a pretty decent set of glasses.
Tomorrow we're going to the company picnic at the Berlin Raceway, We have a simulator for the night, dinner at 6 and racing all night as well. Should be a fun night. I'll report out tomorrow.
Meanwhile, back to the Florida trip;
Ian and Holly in line at the Norway attraction. Bob's actually up ahead of Ian.
Me and the Spence Man in the same line
The Pinata Donald getting whooped

The skeleton mariachi band.

More later,
Have a great day!

Back in Florida we're now on to

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