August 11, 2009

Tuesdays Child is Full of Sleep

I did a presentation with a customer today. Funny how easy that's gotten to be in the years since I got out of college. I did some prep by doing a practice run with a couple of other guys and it went really well when I was with the customer. I remember being in college and having problems getting out a coherent sentence, let alone a 60 minute presentation. With age come many blessings, like not being able to see clearly who's sitting in the audience and not being able to hear very well, so questions don't mess with my timing or delivery. I may not be aging well, but I'm happy.

Tonight I'm going to a sleep study. I have been cramming for this all week, then I finally read the instructions and there's no prep other than no alcohol and I have to bring my own jammies, which must consist of a pair of shorts as a minimum (I think they've had problems in the past). The test is going to once and forever put to rest the theory that I snore or have apnea. Silly Holly seems to think that I do, I'll show her!

Back to our Florida trip, we had a cookout on the Sunday night after we arrived with Jean and Linda. Here's the gang hanging out after an awesome bratwurst dinner.
Linda acting suprised at how many pictures I take

Linda and Holly
Jean just chillin on the couch

Bob having fun
Have a great day!

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