August 9, 2009

Sunday, resting and refreshing

We went to church today and it was good to see our friends. After church and dinner, I went for a ride on the Honda. A friend, Tim, decided it was too hot and humid to ride and so I rode alone, that's OK, it was a great ride. But at the same time, it's hilarious.
You see, last week I rode a Harley for a day, we put over 350 miles on in a single day and the high was about 100 with high humidity.. It was awesome, the motorcycle ride was definitely the highlight of my visit to Florida. We started in Crystal River at the Harley dealership. We is Matt and I, Matt's a friend of Bob's. From Crystal River we rode to Hudson, stopped and had a pop on the coast at a nice little place that was right on the gulf. Next to Dade City then Zeypherhills for lunch. We continued on 50 through Orlando. Not such a good idea to hit the center of Orlando during rush hour. It was near Orlando that the rains came. Not bad and not long, but we did get wet, just as Matt had predicted. We finally cleared out of there and zoomed on to Titusville, for another pop stop, up Hwy 1 to Daytona Beach, we saw some cool bikes on main street, but it was already to dark to stop. We had dinner near Daytona and then back to Ocala on 40, through the Ocala National Forest, lots and lots of deer at 11:30 12:00 PM on that stretch of road.

It was a great trip, lots of miles on the bike, not too much rain, not too much traffic, lots of open rode riding with the stereo cranked and me playing air guitar and there were no freeways used.
Here's a shot of me on the Harley that I rented.

Here's our first stop

Here's Matt on one of our early stops.

Titusville stop

Have a great day!

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Holly said...

I am thrilled that this trip turned out to be all that you were hoping for!