August 12, 2009

Not sleepy

Last night it was pretty tough sleeping as well as I needed to, but I guess they got what they needed, at least that's what Tara said in the morning. I was wired for sound and it was quite the experience. I had 10 to 15 leads coming off me and running to the their stuff. They had audio and video as well. I still managed to sleep. Oh, yeah, they have confirmed that I have apnea and I guess I do actually snore. Who'd a thunk?

For lunch today I took out this year's batch of interns; Beta(IT), Haley Bop(General Office), Andrew (Tool Shop) and Troy Boy (Engineering) (All interns are nick named so that we don't get too attached, they generally leave us after the summer). I guess they wanted to hear my life lessons. As I sat there I thought, right, like I've got life lessons to share. As we talked I pointed out a few things that I have learned and discovered it's been a pretty good ride so far. As I sat there I also realized that I am 30 years older than those interns and so maybe I did have perspective that they could appreciate, who knows. They were probably just glad to stick the old guy with the check.
Our Day at Epcot is going to take a few day to get through the pictures that I really like, so hang in there, eventually, buy fall, I'll move to current events.

At the entrance in front of the big golf ball, the ride/attraction is called Spaceship Earth
In the line to get in to Spaceship Earth

The Boys during the ride

Holly and Bob during the ride
After answering some questions we got our individual futures
Spencer looking at his future self, an animation with his picture put in for the head
This one is my future self, kind a blurry, but you get the idea

It was a cool "attraction" and a great start to the day.
I have a Birthday Shout Out for Holly's Uncle Butch. I don't think he's a regular on this, but you never know. Hey Butch, Hope you have a great birthday!
Have a great day!

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