August 15, 2009

Drivers Start Your Engines!

We went to the Berlin Raceway for the company picnic this afternoon/evening. I know it's hard to believe, but Holly is a closet race fan. She loves Demolition Derby's and Stock Car Races and especially School Bus Races, and since there was School Bus racing at the end of the evening, we stayed to the end. Pretty amazing watching them race those big yellow buses. Just as amazing was the 4 cylinder feature event. 34 of those little guys started the 35 lap event, about 22 finished. The boys were sure that my little car would finally find it's home. I am unconvinced that the Focus would be anything more than a funny sideshow. The winner talked about 140 horses under the hood. I'm pretty sure the Focus has a few less than that.

These are a few of the shots that I took.

Ian in his Company T shirt with a "Hot Stuff" sticker on his cheek.
Ian, Spencer and Holly, early in the day. This is where we had dinner and signed up for the simulator experience.

Standing in line for dinner, we came upon the fan area. Don't you love the wind blown look!?

I am hard at in the Number 42 simulator (Fun fact, this was Juan Montoya's car). Pretty cool, I rolled the first time I tried and the second time I got to 16th place before I was rolled again.

Ian taking his turn in the simulator. He got to 2nd place during his try.

One of the cars we were rooting for.
Race Action!

This shot is much later in the evening. I like the shot with Ian checking the action up the track and the cars as blurs on the track.
Have a great day, we did!

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