October 21, 2009

Are you still having fun? I am!

Hello and how are you? It's pretty great here today. The weather was awesome, and I had a meeting over on the lake shore and so I was able to enjoy some of the views, well, at least on the drive back. I drove over in the dark and rain.
Can you believe the sickness we have going on here? Many of the small schools are closing due to illness. Funny thing is, I was studying American History with Ian tonight, he's got an exam tomorrow. I don't really like history, and in 1925 we were hit with a flu bug that affected 25% of America. Wow, déjà vu all over again.
Finally, we have an Anniversary Shout Out for Tom and Reen. Tomorrow they hit the magical number __ years of being married. I left that intentionally blank, I mean, look at this couple in the following pictures, can you believe that it's more than 10 years? (You two owe me!!)

Tom and Reen visiting us in Michigan

Some Thanksgiving weekend, note the bare tree, we always cut the tree, but rarely see the tree trimmed. That's ok, just a marker on the time frame.

This came from a scrap book that Holly made.

Hey there Reen and Tom, our hope and prayer for you is that you have an awesome year, cuz you two are awesome!
Have a great day!

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