October 20, 2009

Extra, Extra Read All About It!!!

Ian turns 15, parents still sane. It's a miracle!

I am exhausted from my day of travel yesterday and all that I did today, but I am here to make sure to give my biggest, baddest Birthday Shout Out to Ian! Happy Birthday Buddy! You are turning out to be a really neat guy that's a lot of fun to hang out with. Your Mom and I pray that you have an awesome year as you continue to grow and mature into the person that God had in mind all the time!

Now of course, there must be photos!

Ian's a great cousin, of course Nick thinks he talks too much.

World traveler, Canada's in the back ground, eh?!

A sympathetic brother

A follower of Christ!

Good looking, from the Young side of course!

A bit of a dare devil, from Holly's side!

A cake eater!

And my pal!

Happy Birthday Ian, you are loved!
Dad (aka Pat, and have a great day too!)

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