October 22, 2009

Thursday's are tough

Have you ever come to the conclusion that a certain day of the week is a certain way? Most people think Monday's are usually pretty tough. For me, Thursdays are a bear. By the time I get to Thursday I have spent the previous 3 days up early, out late... By the time I get to Thursday I'm usually pretty tired and yet I get up extra early for a men's group. Last night I reset the alarm time, like always, but I forgot to press the "On" button. Luckily I awoke with 20 minutes to spare before I needed to be out the door. I hit it on the run and was running late the whole day. Tomorrow will be better!

On to more positive things; I have a Birthday Shout Out going tonight for my Sister-In-Law Allison. She is a peach of a lady. She's always treated us warmly and even allows her beautiful children to hang out with my two hooligan boys. She's married to Chris, the tallest in the family, but not the cutest. It's interesting to note that both Allison and Chris don't use actual photo's of themselves on Facebook, that social network thing that's all the rage. Allison has chosen a Lego Pirate Lady to be her Avatar. Chris' is some sort of cartoon creation that looks like it's from the early 60's. kind of a "Father Knows Best" look.

Anyway, here's the photo montage to my favorite sister-in-law in St. Paul, Allison!

Here you can see that they have a couple of boys that use the fridge for art and Allison proudly displays it.

Allison is a pretty good photographer, in fact she's way better than I am. Here she is caught with the camera to her eye, always a good way to tell a serious shutterbug.

A loving Mom with her youngest, Xander.

Never afraid to try new things, here she goes on a Segway. You go Girl!

Allison, you are awesome, make sure that Chris takes good care of you for your Birthday! Happy Birthday from the Michigan Young's!

Have a great day!

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Chris said...

My avatar is actually from a site that let's you make yourself look like a character from the show Mad Men.