October 23, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hey everyone, how you doing! It's been a great week with a really wet and rainy ending.

The boys and I are hoping some of you would be interested in buying popcorn to benefit the Boy Scouts. Please send me an email for details.

Here's a series of photos from my nephew Mike of his really cute daughter Lexi. Since Mike didn't give me the context of these photos, I'm going to make some stuff up.

Here we have Lexi getting ready for her first pumpkin carving.

Believe it or not, Lexi is an aspiring ballerina.

Lexi is also familiar with the Petticoat Junction style of cuteness. I'm thinking Lexi Joe here!

As you can tell, she's a little angel and a cute one to boot!

For some reason, this photo make me consider the political aspirations that people sometimes have. Pretty sure I can vote for Lexi and improve our lot in politics.

As sand flows through an hour glass, do are the days of our lives...

Are you sure this is just a flower?

My Great Uncle Pat is Awesome!

So long, and have a great fall!

I haven't met this awesome looking kid in person yet, but I really like her looks. Best of luck to her and her parents. I sure am glad I had boys, cuz with a cutie like this at home, I'd have had to invest more in locks.
Have a great day!

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