October 30, 2009

Halloween Eve

Boo! Did I scare you? I didn't think so.

Today was our Halloween party at work. Usually it's a pretty great affair with the WeeFolk daycare kids coming over and trick or treating in the factory. That always lightens up the day when the little ones walk through where we work. But wait, due to a torrential down pour today, no WeeFolk parade. From then on it was a rather flat event. No real fun, just a few folks dressed up. Everyone seemed to be a bit down. Of course I dressed to the nines again, as you can see below. I was asked which western hero, I answered; 'all of them'.

Since it was raining cats and dogs Holly wore a hat for most of the day. After much gentle coaxing and lots of assurances, I talked her into removing the hat. Trouble was, the hat had not been kind to her hair. Since I think she's still cute I took the picture. Obviously, we need to connect better.

The boys are always at the ready to be helpful and ... Oh, yeah, they do like to play games, but really, they will do what it takes to help. I have seen it, they are awesome!

Have a great day!

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