October 25, 2009


It was a great day at church today, Baptism Sunday always is. It's cool to see the lives that have been changed. After the people that had signed up were done they opened it up to anyone else. Many people made the decision on the spot. It was a cold and chilly day outside, but they still were totally immersed. Very powerful.

Since we were all up late last night we came back and napped for a bit in the afternoon and then back to the church for "Trunk or Treating".

This is the annual tradition where we open up our cars and kids go from trunk to trunk getting candy. It's a nice neighborhood outreach. Some trunks get pretty carried away, others, it's just a place to hand out candy, no special steps taken. Here's Holly's and Ian's trunks. Holly did her car and Ian took over my trunk. They both are very nice.
Holly's Trunk
Ian's Trunk with a ghoul named Joel

As long as I had the camera, well, my phone actually, I took a shot of Spencer.

And one of Holly.

Have a great day!

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