October 28, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

It was a jam packed day here today. I was in meetings all morning and into the afternoon and then, off I went to a project party where we celebrated the completion, or at least near completion of a very large project. We went to Smokey Bones and ate a ton of ribs and had a few beers. After an hour of recapping the project we went on to world peace. A great night to be sure. If you ever get by a Smokey Bones, you should try it, it's awesome.

Frank sent me a really cool slide presentation on the glories of golf and and some stunning photos of holes. I was really taken by these two slides.

Oh, yeah, the following is an excerpt from an email as to my nephew Taylor's time left overseas:
Those of you using Facebook probably know more than me about his schedule but he called this morning, has about 2 weeks left in Iraq then back to Germany, take some time off and looking at getting discharged in February. Has had some contact with that government contract employer and is optimistic that he’ll have a job right after getting discharged. As always, his standard response to his current situation is ‘bored’, which is good. Mostly getting things cleaned up and ready for their replacements. Weather is windy and rainy. He’s still living in a tent. But sounded good and is anxious to get back to Germany. Says ‘hi’ to all.
Hmm, living in a tent that long, yeah, I'd be bored too!
Have a great day!

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