June 9, 2010

Dinner with the grown ups

Tonight Holly and I went to dinner at a local country club with the owners of our company and the other directors that I work with. Pretty good dinner, lots of different wines to test. After dinner we went out and had a putting competition. I haven't played golf for over 8 years so I was terrible, but my partner was pretty good, so we ended up in the middle of the pack. There were 4 couples at our table and while the guys worked together the ladies we're as familiar with each other and yet, we had good dinner conversation, where everyone seemed to share a little and the humorous beat out the sad or the sappy. A good night!

Here's a shot of my friend Heather with one of the babies. It was pretty cool how you could pick up any kid and hang out and that was encouraged. I don't remember this one's name, but I'll check with Ian and he'll probably remember.

Have a great day!

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