June 11, 2010

Happy Friday

Well, it's official, the boys are out of school. I always gain weight during the summer because coming home is usually too crazy for me during lunch. Now, with the dog, it's even crazier. Regualar readers will know that last night was my sleep test. Judging by the way I've been dragging around today, I'd say that I failed! Trouble is, who can sleep with 20+ electrodes attached at various places. I know someone is interested in knowing the results, so I'll share them, but it's going to be off line. If anyone else is, let me know and I'll share.

Here's a shot of the local art gallery in Port Au Prince. Behind the wall with the art are some pretty solid tents. Of course, I doubt that I'd call it solid after living in the tent for over 2 months. We did pick up one print, and that's pretty cool! Ian picked it out and all we need to do is get a frame going.

Have a great day!

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