June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday David! June 8th is the date!

Here's a Birthday Shout Out to my Brother David. He's a great guy that's been there for me more often than I'd like to recall.

The photo montage is in honor of him, his sense of family and my sense of humor.

Here's an early shot with Grandma Ames and John

This is just with John, same vintage as above.

Here's an uncomplementary shot of Dave, but take a look at how good I look!

Here we Young Boys are in the Ames backyard with our wheels, John had 2 wheels, I had 3 wheels and David had 4 wheels. We were awesome.

But wait, it doens't stop with wheels, here we are with guns!

Here are the few school shots that I got scanned in. Kinda cute wasn't he, in a Danny Bonaduce sort of way.

If you're a follower, this is another that I've used before. But focus on David's look, the tight t shirt, the athletic build, he was a scary guy!

Family photo at the Holiday Inn, some can do silly, some can't.

Just to prove that we can dress up, actually, this was at Dad Young's funeral.

Last winter sledding in Crystal Lake

Dave and Judy at Tom's 50th Birthday

That's about it, if you get a chance, go ahead and spam his in box!

Have a great birthday David, I wish you the very best.


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