June 10, 2010

Seems approriate

Here in Rockford it's the last week of school, you know, final week. It just seems appropriate that I would be retaking a sleep test during this time. Last fall I took it, merely to humor my lovely wife because she claimed that I snored. Since I am retaking the test, you can probably tell that I failed. It seems that I have Sleep Apnea, which includes snoring but it's that stopping of breathing that really drove Holly crazy. I have since procured a Suad Device, which is a Oral Mandibular Positioning Device, commonly referred to as and O Mad. Follow the link by clicking on the Suad Device above to see what I am talking about. Tonight is a retest to see if that device has stopped or significantly reduced my incidence of Apnea, we'll see.

Here's a shot of some Jewelry that was custom made by a gentleman named Frantz who's a interperator at Hope House, where we stayed. I bought Holly a necklace that looked pretty good and while we were in Haiti buying the necklace she bought herself a red blouse that looks like it was made to match the necklace.

Have a great day!

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