June 25, 2010

Finally Friday!

Busy week, but it ended really well.  I had a meeting with a customer that rides a motorcycle and so I rode down and we headed out from there to a little Greek sandwich shop where I got a black and white, which is half gyro and half chicken rolled into a whole wheat pita.  Very good.  Best of all, I went to a business meeting on the bike and I think it's really cool to get paid while I am riding.

Tonight we had a fire out back and that was fun.  Holly found these marshmallows that were 4X normal size.  We decided that though they were really cool looking, they don't cook that great.  But we had to try them.  The new firepit worked really well.

Here's three members of the team that went to Haiti; Amy, Morgan and Kerry.  We were bombing through Port Au Prince.  I think we were near the airport, but I'm not sure.

Have a great day

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