June 20, 2010

Happy Father's day!

Today's actually Father's Day.  I hope every one of the Dad's that I know had a great day.  I sure did. 

The boys made is home safe and sound, but it's seems that there's a story that I can't get out of them so I'll have to talk with the scoutmaster next week.

I got my gift from the family, it's a new work station for the living room.  I am living the dream and loving it!

Tomorrow is Judy Gust's Birthday.  She is my brother David's lady friend and by my way of looking at it, she's an awesome lady.  My stock photos for her are pretty limited, but it's a Birthday Shout Out, not a photography contest so here we go...

Senior Class picture

Not sure where but if you'd like to submit a story that would be great, I'll share the best submission.  As the sole judge, I'll be basing this on creativity only, but if you want to bribe me, I'm open to that too!

Having fun

I can hear her saying; "How long do they think they're staying?"

Chris, Dave and Judy, it's a summer shot in Minnesota, that much I'm sure of.

I know this isn't Judy, but Angel needed to get in here too! 

Judy and her son Rob

Holly and Judy at our little Christmas gathering after Tom's 50th.  (don't ya like how I threw that in there Tom!)
This seems like an odd shot, but it's really one that strikes at Judy's core.  She's happiest sitting around with family and friends and chatting.

We'll that's all I could find, it's amazing what you can find on the Internet isn't it?  Anyway, Happy Birthday Judy!  I hope that you have an awesome year!  Thanks for being there for me when I needed it.

Have a great week everyone!

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