June 22, 2010

Topical Tuesday

I kind of like the idea of making up titles for these.  It's fun but not usually too relevant to the actual content.  Probably because I title them and then start typing.  Kind of like setting out to write a book and the first thing you write is the title.

I got some feedback on the photo of Grandpa Young, the one where they were by the S. L. Young and Sons Truck.  John Sipley wouldn't admit to being the baby, but did recognize his dad.  Since he's the oldest of our generation, I don't see how it could be anyone else.  Oh well.

Here's a shot of Spencer while riding the ferry over to North Manatou Island.  I think the little nipper looks rather stoic!  Hard to see, but he's soaking wet.

Here's Ian hiking next to Josh.  Not sure which scout is double over, but they all survived so it's all good. 

On the second day the boys found; "an awesome climbing tree" and they scurried up.  In this tree we have, Owen, Kevin, Josh, Ian, Jon and Shaun.  When the parent with the great camera came up to take the picture they thought that they were busted and were surprised when he took a few shots and walked away.  Boys will be boys.

Have a great day!

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