July 9, 2010

Friday thoughts

I really like the long weekends, but sometimes the short week that follows can get crazier than a coon that got into the corn squeezings.  (Not sure where that came from, but I kinda liked it)

A customer requested that I get a Skype account so that we could have a conference call today.  Seemed like he was asking a lot, but I thought why not.  I downloaded the software, bought a headset, stole the web camera from home and connected at work.  Of all the Techie stuff that I've tried, this has got to be the easiest.  Thanks to Dave for sharing some of his knowledge and Skype addresses.  It's set up on the work laptop and I try to never use that at home so I don't know how often I'll have that going at home but I am going to try to connect with Dave, Kelsey and Taylor with the boys so that we can at least say "Hi!"

Holly's singing this weekend at church and she's leading out a song and I am being blessed with a private concert from my favorite singer in the whole world!  Yes, I like Holly's singing even more that I like Bob Dylan's.

 Back to the Haiti trip.

Here's Ian in the back of the truck as we headed out to do something.  His hair was always a mess from riding in the back of the truck.

Same day, just further down the road. 

Ian really liked this take on the classic "Beware of Dog"  sign.  He smiled at me and said; "With Attititude, that's me alright!"

I love that kid's sense of humor.  I mean really, wearing a Gir shirt!?

Have a great day!

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