July 6, 2010

Whoops, we ran out of weekend!

Those long weekends are pretty cool, but sometimes when you get back to work, you're really looking forward to the next regular weekend so you can get caught up with sleep, chores and other stuff.

Work was pretty good, kind of tough getting all the balls back up in the air, but the more I nudge the customers with what's going on or what I'm waiting for, the less issues I seem to have.  Proactive is an good thing.

Here's our loaner dog, Bean, messing around in the kiddie pool that Holly picked up for her.  She's a pretty crazy dog in there.  I tried shooting some video, but that was too many MegaBytes.  What she did was dig at the water like she was digging a hole, then she'd sniff and put her snout under water, exhaling while under water, leaving a trail of bubbles.  Very amusing.

 Here's a better shot of the girl.  She's pretty smart, just not very polite at times.  We're working on that.

Have a great day!

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