July 10, 2010

The Scouts came home today, can't you tell by the smell?

The boys came home from Summer Camp today.  They were gone for a week, they both claim multiple encounters with a shower and some soap, but I'm not so sure.  I am sure that it's good to have them back.

They did pretty good earning 5 merit badges each.

For Ian:


Personal Management

 Personal Fitness


 Emergency Preparedness

For Spencer:

 Citizenship in the Community

 Citizenship in the World

Environmental Science


 Rifle shooting

Fun fact:  If the badge is outlined in silver, it’s an Eagle required badge, if it’s outlined in yellow, it’s an elective.  To achieve the rank of Eagle Scout they will need to have 21 merit badges  and of those, 12 are required, the other 9 can be from the electives.

Other than them getting home it’s been a pretty dull day here, I cleaned out the garage, well, at least I got a good start at it.  It looks tons better the floors isn't so dusty anymore.  Maybe tomorrow afternoon I can get some more accomplished.

Have a great day!

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