July 8, 2010


Today was a pretty good day, it was hot, really hot and so hot that riding the bike was almost no fun.  I said almost, it's still pretty good.  I have ridden before where it's like driving through a blast furnace, it wasn't that hot.

Tonight Holly and I buzzed up to Camp Gerber for Family Night.  It's the mid week event where we deliver the food for the evening meal.  Great turn out, lots of family showed up, lots of food was there.

This is a pretty cool night, this is the night when the induct members into the Order of the Arrow, it's a tight club of very scouting types where they are focused on Cheerful, Brotherhood, Service, or something like that.  Our troop had 2 boys and 1 adult leader "tapped out" tonight.  Unfortunately my boys didn't get selected, but there's always next year.

Here are two our our guys, and a lot of other guys, bringing the Chief to the ceremony.

Here they are doing a dance that's pretty close to the way that the native Americans did.  At least as far as I remember.

Have a great day!

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