September 30, 2008

Photo of the day, Tuesday, 9/30/08

We got home early from the trip and so I could take Holly and the boys out to our favorite hangout, the Corner Bar. It was comfort food that I was after and it was comfort food that I got. The all beef hotdog plate was totally awesome. We were in a silly mood and the waitress just as into the humor as we were. We were jabbing at the boys about all the cliques that the have now, Emo's, Skaters, Jocks, Nerds...Ian has been coaching me on the finer points of all these folks so that I can pick one out in a crowd. I haven't done so good just yet. For example, Emo is short for Emotional, where I guess they are pretty delicate. I call them Emu's and ask if I can get a feather. I don't think this is helping me bridge the generation gap, do you?

I am watching the Twins vs. White Sox game. The Sox are pretty good so far, getting on base and all, so I am going to get this posted so I can concentrate on the Twins. Dang, they walked another guy.

Here's a shot that I took of the boys today. We'd just gotten back from dinner and they were really easy to pose. I wonder how that works sometimes.

Go Twins!
Have a great day!

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