October 4, 2008

Photo of the day, Saturday, 10/4/08

Last night Holly and I went to Frenz, a local coffee shop. One of our friends from church was slated to have his debut public appearance. Kevin is a twenty something surfer dude with bright white hair and beard. He's got a very soft spoken calming way about him and everyone loves him. From kids to us old folks. Since we like the guy and I'm always looking for a cheap date for me and the Hollister, I said we should go for it.

It was slated to run from 7 to 9 and so we arrived at 7. He was there and nervous as anyone would be when they were stepping out with their own music. We knew some of the people there, a few of the kids that I teach in Sunday school, an old BSF leader that Holly knew. I was struck by the fact that we were settling in nicely. It was amazing to see the connections that we had made, they run through out lives in so many ways, from work, to church, to scouts, to neighbors, and it goes on. Pretty cool. It was really driven home that we were well connected when Holly and I went to Meijer this morning. We ran into friends in produce, meats, snacks and deli. We finally had to keep our heads down and duck out to the check out to avoid seeing anyone else. Nearly anti-social in our behaviour, but our frozen stuff was melting and so we felt it was acceptable.

Back to the coffee shop experience. As we were headed there all I could envision was a 50's or 60's theme of French beret wearing people, bad poetry and snapping fingers rather than clapping. I was pleasantly surprised when everyone looked normal, the music was written by the artist and while folksy, it was really nice and we clapped and didn't snap our fingers to show approval. As I was in a bad poet mood, I came up with the following to show that bad poetry wasn't forgotten.

Coffee shop entertainment

an experience to be savored

like a strong cup of coffee

on a crisp October morning.

I know, it's not really a poem, but you have to remember, I am an engineer.

Here's a self portrait that I took tonight of Spencer and me. Ian is out and about with a friend. As you can clearly see, we are two of the best looking folks in our neighborhood.

Have a great day,


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