October 2, 2008

Photo of the day, Thursday, 10/2/08

This and that:

The transition to the blog site continues. I will continue to send an email out with a link to this site for the rest of the week.

If you have technical issues, let me know, I will get our tech support right on it. By the way, I have committed to keeping jobs in America and so Holly will remain as the Tech Support Specialist and so India will have to find another job.

I just turned 10,000 miles on my little Ford Focus. Not bad, it's 15 months old.

Aunt Sandee, we got your note, thanks for stopping by.

I had dinner tonight with the sales manager for our competitor. It was kind of interesting. We had a really nice visit and we each learned a bit about the other. It kind of felt like business espionage. I have to admit, I have the strangest job I could have ever imagined.

I am watching the VP debates while I type this, thus the sound bites. Who should we support? Can we get an option that we all could trust?
Here's an oldie and a goody. Pictured are John, Grace and Sue Bell. As I look at this I am impressed that someone paid to have this taken. It must have been pretty expensive back in the day, but it was professional, that's for sure. Additionally, those of us related to these wonderful folks can clearly see where our good looks come from.

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