September 29, 2008

Photo of the day, Monday

Today I am in Iowa visiting customers. It was a pretty good trip so far, it rained pretty good, but I was playing around on my computer while a friend was driving, so I could see the screen better in the dark We went to our favorite restaurant in the Quad Cities, called Thunder Bay Grille. It's a pretty good steak house and the service is always good and we're far enough away from our customer that we can relax.

Interesting feedback was received concerning yesterday's PotD. It seems a dear old friend also knows of Maynard Aakerman and is very in on on the whole trenchless digging thing. It was within minutes of me sending that email out, she told me that she works with the owner of the magazine that covers this technology. Here is the link and thanks a ton Wendy, I think it's totally amazing that we know the same person. This time I have Maynard's photo, courtsey of Trenchless Technology Magazine and Wendy.
2008 Person of the Year:
Some people search their whole lives to discover a career they love and want to do every day. Whether the quest involves flip-flopping between jobs or pursuing different degrees, people invest months and even years finding what they are meant to do in life.

Fortunately for Maynard Akkerman, president and owner of Akkerman Inc. and Trenchless Technology's 2008 Person of the Year, his career found him at the ripe old age of 8 and has kept him on his toes ever since. A passion for the trenchless industry first grasped Akkerman when he witnessed his father succeed with his first tunnel boring machine and it hasn't loosened its grip yet. Read More


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