October 1, 2008

Photo of the day, Wednesday, 10/1/08

A new experiment, many short paragraphs instead of 2 long ones.

Happy October!

Man, I love fall, is one of my favorite seasons, right along with Spring and Summer and Winter. Oh, yeah, I am a 4 season man.

Tonight we had a soiree at Tim's house, Tim and I work together every day. It was quite the affair, he even rented outdoor heaters, a really strange item that allowed us to eat out on the deck. comfortably in 50 degreee weather. It was awesome.

It was a sad day today, the Twins lost last night. Baseball has lost it's meaning to me.

I was with a customer, at their site, looking for cost reductions from 7:30 to 2 today. Imagine that, nearly 8 hours in the enemy camp. Why is it I don't get combat pay again?

How do I tell a story with these short blurbs?

Maybe I should take a writing class to learn about story development and basic sentence structure.

OK, enough of this craziness.

I just heard from a good friend that all is well in Ohio. Once Wendy moved there, I had no doubt it would be all good for them. Wendy and I worked together while I was with Robertshaw, which became Invensys. We had some great times, and she was the best Admin I have ever worked with.
Anyway, here's what she wrote about today's photo:

"Here is a pic of us at Cedar Point a few weeks back - I am sure you can point Steve and I out – I am holding Jake up and Matt has the Michigan yellow shirt on as he still chooses his Michigan roots over Ohio! Thank God I caught Jake on time, at least I have 1 of each, pretty even I think. M.C. (you met) behind me, her daughter Rachel and our neighbor Al with his boys. My boys did the Dragster which scared the heck outta me so I was a spectator."

Wendy and Steve Peterson, you have a great looking family! Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day,


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