October 10, 2008

Archive PotD, Wednesday, 7/10/2002

The boys and I are heading up north for a boy scout overnight and shooting day. So I am posting an Archive again. Let me know if you get too tired of them, for now, I am intrigued with them. This one was from July 10th, 2002. I was still working for Delco Remy at that time and one of the factories was in a prison. Mom was really kind of freaked out by the fact that I was working in a prison, even though I was a "non-resident" team member. Anyway, enjoy this and if you are interested in Boy Scout Popcorn, please let us know.

Wednesday, 7/10/2002
Another uneventful day in the prison. I did manage to leave for lunch today, which was a good thing. This place gives institutional food a bad name. We are making progress, though it is really slow. Oh well, dinner was pretty good. We went to a Pizza shop called Uno’s. It’s a Chicago style pizzeria and it was pretty good.

As hot as it’s been I thought that this looked pretty good. This was from one of our last good snow storms of the winter.

Have a great day!

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