October 6, 2008

Photo of the day, Monday, October 6, 2008

This weekend we are heading up north for another Boy Scout Campout. This time it's even better, there is a shooting aspect to the event. Every year the troop goes to a farm up north and the boys are allowed to shoot the firearms that the adults bring. It's a good way to get the boys familar with fire arms in a very controlled method, and to have some fun too.

Anyway, any of you that knows Spencer also know that he is not a fan of loud noises. But he and his brother are tied in their quest to reach first class rank. The only thing holding them back is attending 2 scouting events, like campouts. Since Spencer knew his brother would be going it's only natural that he'd be wanting to keep up with Ian. In fact, Spencer asked the Scoutmaster if they could get the Scoutmaster review over with in advance, knowing that the events were soon to be done. I was really proud of Spencer for pushing himself, I guess this scouting stuff really is good for the boys. ( Actually, I knew that it is good for them)

In preparation for the shooting day we had a Major from the Michigan State University ROTC come in and give the boys a gun safety class. If the boys wanted to go to the shooting event, they had to attend the training session tonight. My philosophy has always been that everyone needs to be exposed to guns in a safe, training type environment that is led by an actual gun user, because guns are out there, and I'd rather we were all careful with them.

Here is another shameless attempt to sell popcorn. Those that have already purchased, thank you.

Have a great day!

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