October 7, 2008

Archive PotD, Wednesday, 1/29/03

Today is going to be a blast from the past but first:

Click on Holly's blog to see the project that Spencer and Holly have been working on. Holly's blog

From January 29th, 2003:

Another hard day at the office! I spent quite a bit of time in meetings. I hate it when days go like that. Looking ahead though, I am clear now of meetings until next week, for now that is! With the bosses out of town, it should hold and maybe I can get some things done!

Here’s a shot of the family that we took tonight for a project for Spencer. He is making a poster of him and his likes and his family. We like to be current and we don’t have that many of all four of us, so I set up the timer and here’s the result, not bad for the pain that was involved!

Have a great day!

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