November 14, 2008

Photo of the day, Friday


It's the weekend and I was hoping to spend some time getting the outside of the house winterized. Now they're calling for snow and cold. It's going to be harder to get my boys into the game with bad weather.

Today I went to a seminar put on by an organization that my boss belongs to. We learned/studied sales strategies. Kind of funny, I never really wanted to be in sales, and here I am, some of my people are sales people. Yikes, I don't recall this in my Electrical Engineering curriculum. But, I seem to have a gift for it, well, the relationship portion of the equation anyway. Yes, that's kind of weird too, an engineer that gets along well with others is a bit of an anomaly, but a good anomaly, or so I'm told.

Thanks to all that sent along grilling options. Salmon won out, by two to one, over SPAM. Holly was pleasantly surprised with the cake and gift. What cake? Last night, while Holly was at worship team practice, Ian, Spencer and I baked and frosted a cake. Spencer actually did the baking. I was a bit nervous, but he made sure all the egg shells got out of the mixing bowl and it worked out great. While Spencer and I were slaving away in the kitchen, Ian wrapped the gift that we picked up last Sunday. He really got into it with lots of bows and he did a great job with the wrapping paper. So good that I am thinking of using his services this year for Christmas wrapping. Well, for all but his own gift of course.

With cake came a song or two, yes the Young boys can belt out a tune. And then the candles. We used only 4, but they were the trick candles. Ian and Spencer were so jazzed they could hardly contain themselves as we carried the cake to the table. Here's Holly blowing out the candles. I really have to hand it to her, she blew out the candles herself, over and over and over and over again. She stayed at it until they didn't relight, a patient woman, that's for sure.

Have a great day!

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