November 11, 2008

Photo of the day, Tuesday

I love days like today. It was hectic, but lots of customer interaction and not much boss interaction. We were invited into the inner sanctum of one customer to see what the they were thinking about as far as the next new office furniture. It's really cool to work with creative people and to have them listen to you. Hopefully they'll listen to us better than others.

I took my little car in to the shop today. It seems that the power steering O-ring is blown, again. Since it's a repeat visit for the same problem I get benefits. The benefits are pretty limited, you know, like they already have my address in there, they have the phone number and best of all, they have the fact that it was in before for the same thing in their computer. Oh, yeah, I also got the rental car as a loaner.

Here's a rant for you; when did it become OK for a car rental company to rent you a car that's on empty? My car is out due to steering issues, I need a loaner and I get a chit from the service manager so I rent a car on their dime. I go out to review my new chariot ( the options were a minivan or a cargo van) with my Enterprise agent and he points out that the car has 1/8th of a tank of gas, but he's going to OK it that I can bring it back empty. Man, is that rude. I don't know what kind of mileage I'll get with this vehicle let alone how far I am going to have to drive. Argh! So far I have put 9 bucks worth of gas into this beast.

I had so much fun with the postcard yesterday that I have decided to use another today. This is where I went to school for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. It was here that I first fell in love, Kathleen something or other, it was here that I first had politics impact my life, John F. Kennedy was shot when I was in 1st grade. 1st grade was in the class in the front, bottom, left. Mrs. Everson was so understanding.

Have a great day!

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