November 13, 2008

Photo of the day, Thursday

Happy Thursday! Today we celebrated with one of our customers. They have been in business for 100 years and they are still going strong. The company is Irwin Seating, we're not a huge supplier for them, but we do a fair amount. The event was held at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

We've used the museum before for company events and it's pretty cool. Tonight they opened a new exhibit that was focused on their 100 years of product and each attendee was given a book on the history of Irwin Seating. Neat thing was, as I forced myself to go, I saw a few people that I knew from before and had some nice conversations, but I still don't like these kinds of events.

Today is Holly's birthday and I haven't seen her since about 6:15 this morning. We have been running around like crazy people and thus, haven't had a chance to celebrate with her. Since my birthday is on a holiday and the world, as I know it, stops to celebrate with me, it seems odd to have spent her birthday this way. But I did call her a few times just to chat, and I did bring her a cup of coffee in bed and I will cook dinner for her for tomorrow night. It will be a good day when it arrives, thankfully, Holly has patience.

Here's a shot of Spencer. We're working on a natural looking, fake smile. It's a weird thing, but I am his Dad. Anyway, not bad, but we'll keep trying.

Anyone have any ideas on what to cook the lovely and talented one for dinner? Please either leave a comment or send a not. I am thinking of grilling something, but what?

Have a great day!

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