September 8, 2009

First Day of School!

As is our tradition of the past 11 years, we were all up early for the first day of school. Even though they say they hate it, I know that they enjoy hanging out with the people that they know. They were sure I wasn't going to subject them to this annual ritual, but they were oh so wrong. I have many first day pictures and I love them all.

Spencer tried a new plan, he took a self portrait with his new camera phone. I didn't even check the quality. The rule is on the front porch.

Ian was sure that I couldn't possibly mean that he needed to pose. I assured him that he did. He resisted only to the point of no smile. Though right after the shot I had him in full smirk.

Holly was in good spirit, considering that her babies are now bigger than her.
Hard to believe another summer has come to an end. It was a cool and damp one, but hey, the grass looks better than it has for years this late into the season.
Hope your milestones are a much fun as ours.
Our friends with the little boy in the hospital are still hanging in there. The boy is fighting back, but the medical data isn't that good just yet. We're still sure Luke will be home in no time flat.
Have a great day!

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