September 6, 2009

Sunday work is slower

First up, I owe a birthday shout out to Thomas Young. Dude, not sure if you get these, but I totally failed. Thomas is a totally cool dude that graduated this year and he's a guy that I am proud to know. As little as I see him, he's always kind, considerate and happy to see us. That's huge in my book. Because I like him, I'm not throwing up a cheesy photo of him from so bygone event. Thomas, I hope that your birthday was totally awesome!

Church today was great. I had this Sunday off from working with the kids and so I went to first service. Strange crowd that first service group. Just kidding, usually I am serving in the Fort, so the kids that I usually hang out with were in big church, just like me. During the greeting, where you shake hands with those around you, I sought out the kids and we gave high fives!

Here's the gang going into the Silver Springs Water Park. Yes we're all sure were going to get wet and it's going to be wild!

Once we locked in our spot we sat and goofed off a bit. Then Bob struck a great pose. Happy and great to see us having fun.

As usual, Holly's the best looking!

These next two shots are from the boys coming down the slide, racing. The first shows Spencer on the right hand track, kicking up a bit of splash.

At the end of the race, Spencer is waiting for his older brother to catch up. This shot shows Ian hitting the main water rather dramatically.

The yard work is going, but not as fast as it used to when I was younger. Oh well, it's still getting done and I'm liking where it's heading.

Have a great day!

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