September 11, 2009

Rolling into the Weekend!

Today we finished up a 2 day project with customers. It was a deep dive into a big project that we are just finishing up. We were looking to see what went right and what went wrong and trying to figure out how to address it so that the next project would work better. The customer sent up 5 people to be a part of the review team and we were pretty honest so I think we identified what we need to do for the next project, but we really wont know until the next opportunity. Until then, we have a few things to do to get ready.

Unbeknowst to most, I have become a carrier of a pocket tape measure. Several years ago I received the tape measure from a supplier and really liked having the definitive answer in my pocket. Well, a week ago I was at a customer site and we were trying to determine the approximate size of the space we were going to design in and so we used that tape measure to record some measurements. Well, it was lost that day, never to reappear. I talked with my mentor, who also carries a pocket tape measure and he advised EBAY. I checked it out and I am now the proud owner of a "Zippo" brand, pocket size, tape measure. It's pretty cool, it came in the original case with the original price tag still on it. I love it! (As I proof read this post I realize that I am pretty warped, but hey, I'm OK with that too!) The shot from EBAY is below.

Tonight was Ian's first behind the wheel lesson for driver's ed. He came home with the grin shown below(he's holding the record that must be maintained). Ian actually took the other photo from the back seat of the driver's ed car while the other student was being instructed, this time was logged as "observation" time. I guess they need several hours of "observation" in a car as well to get their license. Not really sure how that works, I mean, the kid "observed" during how many trip to Aunt Reen's, Uncle Larry's, Uncle Dave's...without ever quiting the video game he was playing, well, you get the idea. Maybe it's because the instructor is more vocal that I am. I don't know, but what I do know is that within 3 to 4 weeks, I will have a chauffeur for driving me around.
Have a great day!

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