September 12, 2009

Saturday Routine

With the start of school, comes my usual Saturday routines. Men's group, watch a bit of football, do some work in the garage. Very relaxing.
The Saturday Men's group took the summer off and we just got started up again today. It was good to see the guys again and catch up on what's new for everyone. One of the guys is a sales representative for Porter Hills in Sparta. It's a retirement community. He offered breakfast for our first get together. I had a sneaking suspicion that we'd have to listen to the pitch, but it's was OK, very low key. Can't really explain how conflicted I was, but it was definitely not just me that was uncomfortable, one of the guys that's older than me was really put off. Oh well, we survived, it wasn't too hard a sell and had a pretty good breakfast for free.

The boys were at a youth group event at church. The youth group is called Ignite and the boys really enjoy the time. Since it was the season kickoff, they had a concert with the group, Atlantic

Music the kids like and a message too! They look pretty interesting, but I'm sure the bands that I listened to when I was a kid were pretty weird too.

For fun Holly and I went to a sports bar and were able to watch the Iowa/Iowa State Football game. Great that we could see it, too bad ISU got beat up so bad, Iowa 35, ISU 3. Maybe next year. I chose this picture off the ISU website. The guy doing the tackling had a pretty rough day, I think he was too excited to play well. He caused numerous issues in the first half. Not that I blame him, I'm just saying...
Have a great day!

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