September 10, 2009

These Days are Full Speed!

First up, a Birthday Shout Out to my little Sister Molly. Great to type with you today! I hope that you have an awesome birthday! I have discovered I have a very limited supply of photos and so here's what I have. I offered to let her edit, but she was on the road and thus I chose.

Molly and Rick, summer of who knows when

The next two were lifted out of larger shots from Christmas 2003.
Maureen and Molly

Molly and Pam

Work's going pretty good, but we need to pull out of these times and get back to the good times. I have lots going on and not enough time to make it all happen, no news there.

Ian's just started in Driver's Ed. He's had 1 class room session and will be taking to the road/parking lot tomorrow. Michigan has a stepped program and it's pretty confusing, but the way I see it is that after a month of class and practice driving he's our part time driver with us required to log 50 hours of driving, 10 of which must be at night. He wants to learn to drive my car, the Focus, cause it's small and he thinks its going to be easier to maneuver. Could be, but I think he's forgetting the clutch, it's a manual. Then again, I learned on a 52 Cranbrook, kind of like the one below except we painted it, by hand, with Latex paint, to look like a saddle shoe. We were really twisted growing up in Brownsdale with no vision as to what was really cool. Also, in retrospect, it was 1971, so it wasn't even a classic car at the time. I digress, Ian will surely take to the clutch just like his Dad, easily and with his own style.

Have a great day!

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